CMP Initiaves

      The Common Minimum Programme launched by the KVS for strengthening Primary Education in KVs has been reinforced through a number of initiatives which are being monitored through the RO.  Repeated instructions have been given to KVs for overseeing the infrastructure equipment in the Resource Room required to carry out activity based teaching, other activities pertaining to CMP and to use technology as an effective teaching to make the class room learning joyful.

          The HMs have been empowered to train and guide the PRTs to conduct CCE as also to monitor the teaching learning process and the evaluation in the Primary and they may be made accountable for their supervision.  Thrust may be given to process centred as against product centred evaluation. The monthly funds is earmarked for CMP programme and it is utilized effectively.  The decisions taken in the CMP Regional level meeting are followed by each KV in letter and spirit for thr effective implementation of CMP programmes. Each School should print CMP news letter and send material for printing of Regional news letter.