About us

kvsroahmedabad is an entity that emerged from a group of young literate individuals where most of them are graduates from various streams started this in the midst of 2019.

We as a collective collaboration, gather news from nook and corner on various topics all over the world and amplify it in the best possible way to the online readers. The prime motto of the entity is to make the complex news transmittable to common people in the best-refined form without distracting the true essence of the news

The team of “kvsroahmedabad” is very much committed to publishing informative news and views with minimal exaggeration and with the exact depiction of the actual incident.

The core news is published on various topics by our dedicated article writers who put exponential efforts to deliver trusted sources to our readers. They do research on a particular news item before publishing it on the site so as to mitigate the chances of the conflict of news.

Our staff writers strive hard for the better and true outcome of the news to the digital readers without distracting the actual content. We have authors from various fields which lends us a chance to covers diverse varieties of news all over the world.

In case, if you wish to approach /contact any news editor from “kvsroahmedabad” all you need is to go to the contact page where you can find out the email addresses of all the staff writers within the firm.