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Tamilgun – watch tamil movies or download them at tamilgun website, Tamilgun is a popular website that provides the latest HD Tamil dubbed movies & Tamil movies. The website is illegal but provides the latest trending movies for free. They have been serving for many years and providing user-friendly content. Many new proxies are available as its primary link needs to be fixed after getting banned. The users are still searching for Tamilgun movie download links to watch online, which have yet to appear on search engines.


If you are searching for a tamilgun movie site in India, you must use VPN or their new proxies. The website is banned now, and using VPN can bypass it easily. It is a trusted website with several video qualities, including 480p, 720p, and 1080p formats.

tamilgun tamil dubbed movies download


The website has recently added the latest HD tamil movies. The movies are available to download in Dual audio as well. Users can find it easily as they have made separate categories of Tamil movies. Many Indian people like Tamil and telugu action movies and want a single place to get everything. tamilgun website allows users to search and download all newly released 2023 movies.

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tamilgun movies download 2023

Tamil movies are also in demand now. Many users are requesting newly released Tamil films. Tamilgun allows users to request movies on their platform, and they provide them within a week. Many famous Tamil movies are available in dual audio formats, and website help users to deliver them on their requests. Ensure you have escaped the adblocker to access the website, as few ads are running on the website.

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tamilgun watch tamil movie

Tamilgun is one of India’s popular websites dealing with illegal content. The site contains all the movie lists and provides them free of cost. You can also get the popular web series, showing all their recent uploads on their main page. Tamilgun site has been providing services for the past five years, and they got banned yearly when appearing with the new proxies. Users should know about their proxies as it helps them to access the website without any trouble. Many old users try to search for movies after changing their IP address, and it works successfully.

tamilgun movie categories

If we talk about the categories available on the Tamilgun site, it has different types of categories based on the search of the people. In India, people mostly love to watch Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and dubbed movies. When you enter the website, you can get several menus, including HD movies, New Movies, Dubbed Movies, TV Series, and many more. If you want to make your search easy, you can go with their categories, and you will find the movie which you are searching.

tamilgun latest domain

Tamilgun site consists of a vast list that helps you to access the website. The index consists of different proxies of the single website. It is necessary to have many proxies as they got banned when trying to appear in search engines. The website’s content got deleted from the servers, so they need different proxies to continue their services. Recently, users have experienced many new proxies, including.


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tamilgun 2023 movie download

Everyone knows now that downloading movies from pirated websites are complicated, and you don’t even know which link is genuine. To make it easy, we have provided you with the simple steps by which you can easily download movies from the Tamilgun site.

  1. First of all, the main thing you should do is connect your device with a good internet connection and VPN.
  2. Afterward, you must search for the Tamilgun site with a proxy link.
  3. Once you enter the website, you have to search for a movie or can select from its categories.
  4. Now you will see different downloading formats, click which suits your interest.
  5. When you click on download, your screen will redirect, and you have to wait a few seconds to get generated link.
  6. After your downloading process starts, you have to wait until it continues.
  7. Once your downloading process is completed, you can easily watch a movie from any player.

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tamilgun movie download app

Is it safe to download movies from Tamilgun? 

If we talk about users’ safety, it depends on whether you are entering the right website or a fake one. Many websites look similar to Tamilgun and provide fraud links to access users’ data. If you search the Tamilgun site with a legal link, you can get services from them.

Is it legal or illegal to download movies from Tamilgun?

The legal websites are those that have permission to provide movies like Netflix, amazon prime, etc. Tamilgun site is illegal, and they are providing movies illegally. They are serving leaked movies, and users are using their website because they are getting movies for free. Those users who don’t subscribe to OTT platforms go for illegal websites. Many sites are safe, but they are unlawful in terms of Law.

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If we conclude users trust the Tamilgun site as they quickly get all the latest movies. They did not charge money for their services, and users are attracted to them. We never promote any illegal websites and only provide movie website reviews. 


Is the Tamilgun site banned in India?

Yes, the Tamilgun site is banned in India for providing movies illegally. They have a vast collection of pirated movies and serve them for free.

Do we have to switch to new proxies every time site gets banned?

Yes, you have to switch to a new proxy as it got banned in the country and cannot be accessed. 

What is the easiest way to download a movie from the Tamilgun site?

We have already provided easy steps, you can go through them above.

What are the categories available on the Tamilgun site?

Tamilgun provides Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Bollywood, Hollywood, Dubbed, web series, and many more categories.

Is VPN necessary to download movies from the Tamilgun site?

It is required as you cannot download movies with the normal search.

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